Comparing the Design and Usability of Blogs

THE DESIGN of is like a moving magazine.  The combination of white,  blue, green colors and flash or lights.  Those colors that will remind you about the sun, the snow, wind and overall the nature.  It feels like heaven to visit a site like this that is really a holy experience.  It was so elegant and very feminine.  Here you can find books, short stories, videos, music, articles and multivitamins for weekend.  Ann, the owner of the website was also the writer of the book “A Thousand Gifts”.  I was moved with the video about this book and how I see her stories inspires people to be thankful everyday to God.  She must be so creative on thinking about vitamins for the soul.  Reading materials like; How to keep hoping when you want to give up, The secret to stop feeling like a Failure and What the cure is: When you keep waiting for Real life to finally begin.  All of this articles interests me and I would love to read them and see how it was.

The overall design was easy to navigate and seeing those illustrations relaxes my mind. It was only a few selection to click on the right side corner so it was so perfectly arrange. The compilations of videos, pictures, music was a complete package. Those pictures was like big doors to other side of the world.  For those who are seeking and knowing more the Lord this a good place.  Instrumental piano music matches the serenity of this site it was very calming.  Makes me feel like I am also experiencing those events.  On the right side of the heading of this blog, there is an embossed word RELIEF, for HOLY EXPERIENCES WITH GOD.  Indeed it’s true I find it really heavenly.

THE DESIGN OF was very opposite to but the content is still about God.  It’s  about everyday life, culture and society.  The front page pictures are smaller and not so good compared with  But the overall writings was very informative and realistic.  It was created by young adult people and I find it very modern.  The combination of colors was sky blue, blue green and black, very manly for me and futuristic.  Pictures although small was eye catching.  The topics are straightforward and intriguing.  They are related to news so they need to keep updated. For example, Iphone, Malala, Clooney effect, the hope in our stars, persecuted Christians in China, Iran and Nigeria and much more.    The titles of the topics was helping me more to choose what to read, second was the picture. was much more advance on addressing a news about what is happening in the world today.  Although it tackles about sensitive matters they make it well balanced with the sentences and pictures that they are using.  When the article was a little violent they still managed to do a little trick to make it still acceptable.  This blog is for young adults specially students and young professionals.

They highlighted the christian brotherhood in this violent and indecent society.  I also feel some humor on their articles and advices for people having seconds thoughts on getting married, How to lead a church and even suicide and sex.  This blog site shows a lot of courage in highlighting the truth in a Christian reasoning.  They are really smart showing different aspects of life in their blog.  No matter the gender and the age.  Almost everyone will feel welcome looking answers or just reading on their blog site.

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THE USABILITY  ( INCLUDING NAVIGATION ) was intented for not so busy people or those with some free time looking for a peaceful site to practice their faith.  They also post topics depending on the season.  Since Christmas is coming soon, they are posting topics for thanksgiving, best gift for Christmas and family oriented topics.  People who tend to visit here are those women looking for something to give and read for their love ones.  And people who want to improved their personal relationship with the Lord. Setting aside those busy schedules and see the other side of living a simple life with God. While the navigation strategy of was simple and very clean.  The pictures was in high definition so it was very clear and very smooth to the eyes.  It was very easy to locate and to change from time to time.  The big pictures with some small letters make it so easy for me to click what I want to see.  Every topic was carefully arranged so I am not confused of what to click first. was for busy Christian people who are always on the go and exposed in using advanced technology.  How can we improved our lives while we live in fast pace world without sacrificing our relationship with the Lord.   In reality we live in a violent society and distress but because of this blog site they study the issue, make some conclusion to the topic and build a positive strategy how to face it as a Christian.  We see the real world that was not good but as a people of God we encourage to keep our faith no matter how good the world offers. Visually, I find it a bit messy, looking for too many misaligned boxes and columns to choose from.  The navigation strategy was very confusing for me to see those moving objects.  But maybe because it was owned with group of writers they had plenty of articles and screen was not enough to post everything.

THE LENGTH AND TYPE OF POST uses sentence for each topic.  So I need to stop a little bit to understand each and every article that interest me.  I should be tired of reading the sentences of about 7 to 12 words unlike short titles of  But reading them  helps me to have an idea of what to expect.  It was composed of short stories filled with pictures.  I find it more fun to read with less words with more pictures.  The pictures makes the blog more real.  Some of the articles I read from was very feminine and some are fairytale like.  But since it was for someone who are looking for a light reading with a touch of feminity this blog site is good for them. Specially for early morning person before starting the busy day.  Here they can find Multivitamins for the weekend and see the positive pictures it illustrates. was a perfect site for somebody seeking for peace of mind.  The colors are very cool and the pictures was so pretty amazing and shows lot on positive side. It’s how to appreciate simplest things in life.  I felt like taking it easy doing things one at a time and enjoy every bit of everyday.

In, I could only see titles about few words and it was very simple and straightforward.  Some articles that I read was not so long and the quality of the content was above average. Easy to understand and the writer itself was well informed.  Every reading materials was probably being research before posting it on the blog because most of them was based on true events. blog site is showing much more on mature content.  People who was smart enough to understand the message this blog is pointing out.  They discuss what is truth about those topics.  Because I think  media, tv or radio are exaggerating the news and make the people believed that it was really frightening but as a Christian view they make the readers not to worry more but to look up and trust the Lord.  That is the truth about being a Christian.  It is because we have Jesus in our hearts and He lives there forever. And this site is helping us to live in a Christian way no matter how busy our lives is.  Reminding us to be firmed and not be shaken by this world.  Because after all we will be living in a new heaven filled with hope, love and peace with God.


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