The Importance of Churches and Missions Adhering to a Strong Ethical Framework in Blogging and Social Media Engagement



Upon seeing two different blogs, like and  I find these two blogs very helpful in people seeking for guidance.  Their purpose in life and society.  They use their advantage of bringing the good news by promoting the Love of God for mankind. The site of have used the name itself as a camouflage to convinced every person from different walks of life to taste the big difference of having Christ in our lives by bringing up real stories of persecuted Christians.  Although they are free to say anything offensive against other religion, they choose to address the topics in a very Christian way. This people see everyone as their brothers and sisters in Christ who was longing to seek the presence of the Lord using media.  And for people who doesn’t believe in Jesus, upon reading this sites would opened their hearts and make them realized that Jesus is real.

Freedom of expression is not about doing everything and anything irresponsible.  We choose freedom to choose the right thing according to the teaching of the bible. I believe that bloggers specially the  Christians was first reviewing anything before posting something on the web.  Their freedom can be seen on how perfectly the words and the pictures are matching together as a whole.  It should be decent and respectable.  Remember that we are promoting Jesus Christ and not ourselves.  Of course they put their names at each article they wrote but after reading or viewing the websites is the freedom to express that the whole package was about Jesus Christ and HE loves us so much.



I have been seeing a lot of commercial blogs and websites promoting some products and stuff.  Over there I can find ideas based on what I need.  For other people they use the search engine to just drop by and look for something different.  People would like to see and read something that would make them feel good about themselves even it’s a lie. Commercial blogs usually hide something to make their viewers feel more convinced about their topics.

A Christian site should be more concern about delivering the topics in enlightening way.  We deliver the message by touching the soul and not just the physical feeling of the viewer.  Commercial websites are giving us incomplete and temporary happiness while a Christian bloggers or media user should give more than that.  The knowledge that would benefit the viewer in the long term.  Its like adding more spiritual armour to protect us from the lies of this world.

This might be a challenged to the viewer but it was a step to realized our purpose in this earth.  He or she should melt or harden his heart but when it’s true sometimes it will make you cry and would make you really mad cause that’s not what your expecting to know.  Christian sites is giving more than we expect.  It’s the soul that was touch and the mind was fighting over it.  We expect only the truth in Christian websites like and

Christians also developed this websites because there are so many lost souls seeking for happiness without realizing the true happiness is finding Jesus and Him as our lord and Savior.  Lying is a temporary solution, a denial for the situation we had today.  Truth is God and how it was possible to be happy again by surrendering our lives to Him.  If we had questions, don’t seek answer from this world.  It would feel good in short time but then it would be much more worse.  Isn’t it amazing that we could find Him even in the internet.

The truth about God and his miracles.  His merciful forgiveness of our sins and how he loves us and wait for us to come back as his child.  The truth shall set us free and this gifted Christian social sites was making a difference to deliver the gospel.


The mission of the social media for Christians and non believers was to embrace them with love specially when this poor people was seeking for help.  The needy was also desperate to find true persons that could help them no matter what who they are.  Nowadays, some of this people look for friendship on social media not realizing that non believers might took advantage and treat them more worst.  Giving them advices that is not suitable and might result in much more depression.


credits to kara tippets, a cancer fighter and

So, the Christian community representing Christ in the social media had the ability to reach this people.  Advicing them in a Christian way that will uplift the spirit and take them out of depression and sinning.  The articles, videos and personal testimonies in the Christian websites will help this needy people feed their souls.

It was 2013, I was so depressed that time that I don’t have any body to talk to.  Then to my mind I just need anyone regardless of who they are.  So in desperation I went on a social media site looking for a stranger to talk to.  But as I tried to speak to this people it make me feel more upset and unloved.  It was a painful day and then I started to realized that this people are not helping me so I stop.  They are not Christians, and the site that I visited was not even a Christian site.

The next day I never give up.  But this time I visited a Christian site with so many people speaking and sharing the gospel.  It lighthens my day and someone I met prayed for me and told about the goodness of the Lord and how he loves me so much.  He even told me not to visit those site that is not glorifying the Lord.  He cannot protect me if I choose to go out of his protection.

Blog sites like and  They had a topic about suicide. They emphasized the importance of life and the giver of this.  And how we could have the courage to face death and pain.  It was a debate but this generation was defining the wrong doings as the right thing to do.  We are not supposed to be the Lord of ourselves but we see ourselves in the hands of God.  There is afterlife and there is heaven and hell.


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