Memories from the Father

Norway was one of the best places I’ve seen so far.  From the snowy alps, clear blue water lakes to the busy streets of Karl Johan and the old and new architecture of the city.  Together, there’s more plentiful to see and enjoy.  In addition to scenery – the culture and nice people.  Hence, the peaceful aura of Norway reminds me of my childhood way back in the Philippines.

I was born and raise in Valenzuela City, Philippines.  Before, it was a land filled with green landscapes, trees, carabao’s and farmers.  There were very few people living in my community and the roads were not fully developed and water was only available when I can manage to use my muscles to travel 1 km to another neighbourhood to fetch from the well called “Poso”.  I can take about two small bucket and bring it home to filled-up another bigger drum to save more.  Coming back and fort was very frustrating I am getting impatient while hoping that I can soon filled up the bigger bucket so I can stop and then play again.

This is the time when my family works a lot in the fields.  My grandfather from both sides of my parents were farmers.  They do it to feed the family and there would filled up the whole storage room with many crops and rice.  The harvest was plentiful and also my playground.  Playing in the garden with different vegetables hanging from side to side which is my Grandfather’s workplace was fun for me. The colours was all over my head and makes my creative mind think that I was inside a grocery shop with so many decorations all over.  My grandfather grows several vegetables like beans, squash, fruit bearing trees and a lot more.  He had chicken and hens and I usually enjoy taking some eggs from the nest when I knew that the chicken just lay some inside.  I knew it lay some eggs when the mother chicken was so noisy and always sitting on the nest.

He  don’t want me to took the fresh egg because my grandfather wanted it to hatched and be tiny chicks.  I also play on the lawn outside and enjoy the sunset and fresh air.  My uncle used to plant rice and sometimes I come with my aunt to help her bring a basket with food.  I  guess rice planting is not fun, I see it hard  and feel like how possible for them to finished planting the whole field while their back is bended for more than 8 hours or until sunset.  They would wear big hat, long sleeve to protect them from heat and they don’t have protected shoes but barefoot on the mud.  They smile most of the time and even said some jokes that I didn’t understand how could they still be happy even the work was extremely heavy.  Whenever I help my relatives to deliver the basket of food, I would wish that maybe they will not eat everything on the basket so I can have some for myself.  But they were so tired and hungry nothing left for small Espie. hehehe.

Life is simple and happy.  I play, I had my parents with me and I can have as many cats I can have.  My pets are happy too I guess.  We live at the middle of rice fields so I don’t have to worry that my cats will die of boredom.  One day, me and my father went to catch some frogs in the fields.  As I was holding my frog catcher, I saw something jumping so high from the bushes of the rice.  When it hop up and down I clearly see what it was.  My three coloured sweet cat named “Muning” was jumping to catch an insect and i see on her eyes how excited she was.

Surrounded with mango trees and one of the trees was put down by a lighting so I can climb and imagine that I did climb on top of a stable tree but of course this tree is quite near to the soil because it fell down.  I am happy while I am on the top of the small leaves.  I run and I even stay at the middle of the lawn while waiting for my grandfather to take his Cow with him.  I love sunset and sunrise.  I love to see the sun shining through and shining off in the afternoon.  I like to hear the raindrops and just be inside the house cuddling with my pillow and my favourite blanket.

I develop closer relationship from my mother but I always wanted to be closed to my father.  I feel he likes my younger sister so much that sometimes he forget he still had me.  I love to sleep beside my mother even until at the age of 31.  But time changes and so my way on how i see things.  My father loves me and he always do what he can for us.  My grandfather too who looks very much like my father.  Both of them are my precious memories.  They work hard for their families and almost forgot to take care of their own selves.

I had a lot of good memories of my childhood and I haven’t realised I would come so far until this age.  I might be away for a very long from my home but it remains on my memories.  But there is another father that is everlasting and forgiving.  The Father who can be there for us anytime and anywhere.  It’s my father in heaven who sit on the throne, sees everything I do and feel.  Reminds me that I am loved and will always have a good future ahead.  I closed my eyes and pray to my father which is Jesus Christ to continue to blessed me and my family and the person who reads my story.


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