Blogging in Ministry and Mission

Discussing the Role of a Blog within a Church’s Communication Strategy-Paying Particular Attention to the Purpose of the Blog and its Value for the Church.†

Churches, in most cases depends on the availability of their church workers.  And if the workers and finances are not enough. Church leaders will need to create options to be able to continue the ministry. “They are faced with two unique challenges: limited money and limited knowledge.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.12). Together with advance technology and  blogging, it did an important role to churches in communication strategy. Blogging is one of the tools which helps the church meet this challenges.




First, “Blogging is the perfect way to get people excited about the past, present and future of your church.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.33). ) Particularly, in announcing events, services, news, sermons, visions and sometimes doctrines of the church. “For a large church, blogs help make a big church small.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.18). For a growing church printing and mass production of invitations for events was time consuming and usually not enough for everyone. Therefore in blogging, everyone can be informed. This includes the outsiders and those that are skeptical about the church activities. Moreover blogging became one of the best tool that a mission church could use as a medium to maximized the ministry reach out because the information is available online.

Secondly, “blogging comes with an appealing price tag: nothing, or almost nothing.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.18). Hence, it was very valuable for the church because blogging is free compared to expensive website and books that is very inconvenient to borrow or bought. It helps the church financially and makes its more visible in the media presence.

Thirdly, “blogs give you the amazing ability to read the thoughts and struggles of people away from God.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.66) Therefore, the church can show compassion and love through comforting people who visit the blog site. Additionally, the mission church can build trust and moral support to all walks of life by helping them through prayers and trying to answer the questions in a Christian way. Moreover, it is also a place for discussion for people with questions and ideas to share. Furthermore, Bailey and Storch state:

…The heart of a blogging church is passionate pursuit of people who matter to God.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.45). Therefore, mission church who blog is an instrument to build this broken relationship back to God. “Blogging is the holy grail of technology-a new tool with lots of buzz” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.18.)

Valuable Tool

Blogging is a tool to communicate openly to all walks of life and it develops relationship and it builds community. And as a Christian we should take advantage of this great tool to spread the love of Christ for human. “Blogging is an incredible, cost-effective tool that we highly recommend. As blogging continues to explodes, it will become as essential tool for many churches.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.77) Generally, “Our job as the church is to reach people who are lost.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.66)


Subways are tools to reach destinations while blogging is a tool to reach the soul

Moreover, spiritual growth for active members of the church will also increase. Members of the church can contribute by sharing how their life was transformed through testimonies and with this some people will be converted and learn from their stories. Blogging will show the core of the church visions and the reason why Christ died for us and why it is important to be reunited with Him through the life changing stories of believers. Furthermore, blogging for the church is like a diary of how the love of Christ was manifested in every believers. Blogging is very important for the church to continue its potential to grow and to be known. It might be a little confusing at the beginning but once a person is motivated and determined, starting a blog is also a good start of sharing the good news about Jesus Christ. Bailey and Storch states that:

….“good church marketing is being authentic and telling your story well. It’s outreach. It’s getting your message out there and letting people be a part of that same story with you.” (Bailey, B. & Storch, T. 2007, p.75)


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